Shital Signs P. Ltd. is one of the pioneer companies to produce Retro-reflective Signboards and Road Safety Furniture in India when there was a practice to use ordinary painted signs. It is an ISO-9001:2008 company and leading Manufacturer of Signboards (since 1990). We are an authorized qualified converter of 3M India Limited

Solar Road Marker

Solar Road Marker

The Solar Road Markers create a good appearance when they are shining. And YDM solar road marker gets a high price performance ratio. The life of the solar road marker is 3 years.


  • The round design of the solar road marker creates good appearance while relieving the impact from traffic load
  • Combined size complying with the size of round post and spontaneous appearance, the solar road marker can be installed at the top of round post at the cross and make the cross clearer at night
  • Two reinforced veins are designed inside the solar road marker to strengthen compression resistance
  • The solar road marker is water-resistant and unbreakable


  • Used for bridge and turning.
  • Wide use in roadways safety and road marking.
  • Ensures Safety for both drivers and pedestrians

Technical Specifications

Item Solar road marker
Model No. RS-701
Dimensions Size(mm) 110*97*24.5 (mm)
Weight Net weight 300(g)
Solar Max. output 0.3W
Charge ability 102mA/hour
Storage device Type 1200mAh Ni-MH Battery
LEDs Type 5mm high intensity emitting diode
Emission color Yellow/white/red/blue/green
Quantity 3pcs LEDs/1 side or 6pcs LEDs/2 sides
Output-per LED 11000MCD
Power current 12mA/Hour
Lighting way Flash, steady, cascading effect.
Lighting time 45 hours after a standard luminous intensity day,250 hours if battery charged fully
Visibility (Approx) 500m)
Operating temperature -25 to +75 degree C
Main body Upper part Transparent polycarbonate
Lower part Die-cast aluminum alloy
Flash frequency 1.2HZ--1.8HZ
Solar panel 2V/120mA
Battery Ni-Cd rechargeable battery 1.2V/2.5AH