Shital Signs P. Ltd. is one of the pioneer companies to produce Retro-reflective Signboards and Road Safety Furniture in India when there was a practice to use ordinary painted signs. It is an ISO-9001:2008 company and leading Manufacturer of Signboards (since 1990). We are an authorized qualified converter of 3M India Limited

Cautionary Signs

Cautionary Signs

Being one of the leading manufacturers of Cautionary Signs in India we know the importance of these signs on the roads. Cautionary signs are meant for cautioning the driver about the hazards lying ahead on the road. It is compulsory for the driver to obey these rules for the sake of his safety and others as well. Made with Aluminum sheets pasted with Micro prismatic / High Intensity Encapsulated Lens Type/ Engineers Grade Retro Reflective Sheeting these signs ensure safety on the roads.


  • Illuminous even at nights with minimum light
  • Made with aluminum sheets
  • Pasted with micro prismatic/ high intensity encapsulated lens
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Degreasing, Descaling and phosphating

Availability 90*90*90 cms equilateral triangle as per IRC-67-2001 (code of practice for road signs)